Sanitation System Templates

This part of the Compendium explains in detail how the system templates are read and used, and includes a presentation of the different templates. It describes what the main considerations are, and what type of applications each system template is appropriate for.

A system template defines a suite of compatible technology combinations from which a system can be designed. This Compendium includes nine different system templates which range from simple (with few technology choices and products) to complex (with multiple technology choices and products):

Single Pit System

Waterless Pit System without Sludge Production

Pour Flush Pit System without Sludge Production

Waterless System with Urine Diversion

Biogas System

Blackwater Treatment System with Infiltration

Blackwater Treatment System with Effluent Transport

Blackwater Transport to (Semi-) Centralized Treatment System

Sewerage System with Urine Diversion

Each system template is distinct in terms of the characteristics and the number of products generated and processed. The system templates present logical combinations of technologies, but the planner must not lose a rational engineering perspective. It must also be noted that although this Compendium is thorough, it is not an exhaustive list of technologies and/ or associated systems.

Although the system templates are predefined, the Compendium user must select the appropriate technology from the options presented. The choice is context specific and should be made based on the local environment (temperature, rainfall, etc.), culture (sitters, squatters, washers, wipers, etc.) and resources (human, financial and material).